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Yoga Wall: Release Your Lower Back

July 29, 2016

Do you have constant tension in your lower back? Do you find this area difficult to stretch on your own, even with a consistent yoga practice? If so, this workshop is for you! Led by Michelle Downing PT, this class will focus on opening up areas of tension in the lower back with assistance from the Yoga Wall. Using additional props such as straps and slings, the support of the Yoga Wall can help to guide your body into good alignment and provide traction to decrease compression, leading…

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LifeForce Yoga for Emotional Balance

June 18, 2016

LifeForce Yoga is a practice that is intentionally designed to harness to power of Prana (Life Force) to balance and regulate mood and emotions, to clear the obstructions that create a false sense of separation and isolation, and to enhance your connection to what is most authentic and healing within you. This workshop, led by Miv London, will create a compassionate container in which we will explore traditional yogic practices of asana, pranayama, mantra, visualization, and meditation.…

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Yoga Wall: Release Your Hamstrings

June 24, 2016

Do you have tight hamstrings? Always wish you could stay in your forward bend a bit longer? Join Andrea Trombley PT for this workshop focused on safely stretching your hamstrings. We will take plenty of time to thoroughly stretch and release, through the practice of yoga as well as getting a good assist from the Yoga Wall. If you love your cardio and neglect your stretching, or have ever said you aren’t flexible enough to do yoga, this is the workshop for you! Discover how using the…

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Total Beginner I – Summer Series

June 14, 2016 - July 26, 2016

Join yoga instructor, Rachel de Simone for this special series designed for those who have never taken a yoga class before. In this 6 week series, Rachel will introduce you to the basics of a hatha yoga practice, with modifications made as needed to accommodate tight bodies. By the end of the series, you will be able to take your new yoga knowledge and begin a home practice, or venture out into the greater yoga community. Rachel strives to provide a safe environment for beginners to…

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Evolution_Warrior II

Total Beginner II – Summer Series

June 13, 2016 - July 25, 2016

Total Beginner II is designed for beginning yoga students who wish to continue to deepen their yoga practice.  This 6-week series will build on the foundation created in Total Beginner I to help students develop confidence in their yoga practice.  This series is perfect for students who have taken a beginners series in the past, as well as those who have taken a few drop-in classes and want to dive deeper into alignment and integration of breath.

Total Beginner II will give you the…

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Save Big with a Summer Yoga Pass!

Posted by on Apr 13, 2016 in Evolution Blog | 0 comments

Ahhh, Summer! It’s the season for relaxed schedules, outdoor adventures, and quality time with friends and family. It’s also a great time to deepen your yoga practice! Our bodies move better in the warmth. Take advantage of the temperatures and the great price on our Summer Yoga Pass:

$250 for Unlimited yoga
June 1 – August 31
(nonrefundable, one class per day)

Let’s do the math: Basically, it’s $83/month. If your practice every day, that’s $2.77 per class. If you practice 3 times a…

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Ask the PT: Get your Belly Back After Baby

Posted by on Apr 7, 2016 in Evolution Blog | 0 comments

Nothing gets me fired up more than the media’s portrayal of post-pregnancy moms with flat, toned abdominals. Let me assure you, if you have extra skin and seem to have completely lost all connection to your abdominals, you are the norm! Now, what do you do to get some tone back and what exercises are safe? When is it okay to do boat pose, chattaranga, or (gasp) jump back to down dog? These are all questions I get on an almost weekly basis here at Evolution Physical Therapy and…

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Yoga and Horseback Riding

May 15, 2016 - June 19, 2016

Join Morgan for this unique five-week series exploring connection, as you find inspiration for your yoga practice through the eyes of the equine. Bridging the gap between the horse and human world, Morgan will lead four weeks of classes on the mat at Evolution, with inspiration and themes relating to instinctual horse behavior and your evolving yoga practice. The final class will be held at Livery Stables in Hinesburg for a very basic riding session to bring the experience full…

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Ask the PT: The Poop Scoop

Posted by on Mar 24, 2016 in Evolution Blog |

When we talk about the pelvic floor, often the first thing people think about are Kegel exercises to help strengthen pelvic muscles and reduce urinary leaking. With so much focus on these aspects of the pelvis, it’s easy to forget that colorectal function is also an important part of maintaining healthy pelvic floor function. That’s right. I’m talking about your bowels and the question is how well do you poop?

Constipation is defined as having less than 3 bowel movements a week or…

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Evolution_Yoga_ Chelsea_Brassel

Chelsea Brasel

Chelsea took her first yoga classes as a freshman at UVM for a gym credit. From there she developed a lifelong interest in the practice of yoga. She continued taking classes in the Burlington area and found a welcoming community at Evolution. You may recognize her from our own front desk, where she will happily check you in for classes or schedule your physical therapy appointment. In 2012, she traveled to Nicaragua for a 200 hour YTT with Kimberly Waugh. She learned many things during…

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