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Ask the PT: Yoga Wall

Posted by on Aug 24, 2017 in Evolution Blog |

Have you tried the yoga wall?   Perhaps it is time to mix it up and try something new! The yoga wall at Evolution PT and Yoga can be used to expand your practice, or to help get a practice going.  A yoga practice with the assist of the wall, using straps, pelvic slings or a bar, changes the feel of both advanced and beginner poses.  It provides stability for balance, or a challenge for balance with longer holds and altered center of mass.  The wall can provide deep stretches, or…

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Jane Michaud

To be a beginner over and over again, has been the greatest revelation since Jane began her yogic journey in 1997, at the ripe old age of 43.  Now 20 years later, she can honestly say that what she once feared in the life, has come to be her friend – repetition.  Blending together the beginner mind and repetition has allowed Jane to show up in the seat of the teacher with great humility.

Jane’s kundalini awakening in 2005 steered her to Kripalu for her first training.  Jane’s first…

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Hanna Satterlee

Choreographer and dancer Hanna Satterlee grew up in East Montpelier, Vermont and has spent many years traveling through dance and movement, both nationally and internationally.

Now based in Burlington, Hanna is a freelance performer and teacher, and is the current director of the Vermont Dance Alliance, with a strong belief that the culture of dance will continue to flourish and expand throughout the edges of our beautiful state.

Hanna holds a Masters in Fine Arts/Interdisciplinary Arts…

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Yin Yoga and Pranayama: Remember Your Centered, Spacious Self

December 3, 2017

Yin yoga is a quiet and simple practice targeting our deepest tissues in the body, connective tissue- ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks of the body rather than the muscles. These floor poses are held with mindful breath and self-kindness. This is a very therapeutic practice, allowing for deep healing in the denser tissues. Martha will carefully guide you in a journey of yin poses and teach complimentary pranayama (breath work) techniques. This class is open to all…

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Restorative Yoga with Hot Stones & Aromatherapy

November 4, 2017

re·stor·a·tive: having the power to restore: a restorative tonic. A medicine or other agent that helps to restore health, strength, or consciousness.

Restorative yoga utilizes props to deeply support the body, allowing you to hold poses longer. This aids the body in releasing tension at its own natural pace. Relieve stress through supported, long holds in poses close to the ground. Restorative practice is ideal for anybody experiencing stress, recovering from injury, or seeking deep…

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Understanding Your Pelvic Floor: A Therapeutic Series

November 1, 2017 - December 13, 2017

This 6 week therapeutic series for women is designed to guide students through a progressive understanding and experience of female pelvic floor function and anatomy. Specific breathing and mindfulness practices and ideas about how the pelvic floor affects physical and energetic structures throughout the body will be introduced. Guided yoga postures and the use of props will help students access their bodies in a supportive environment. Ideas about how to identify and balance strength…

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Moving Into Stillness: Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama

November 9, 2017 - December 21, 2017

“Stillness is not the absence or negation of energy, life, or movement. Stillness is dynamic. It is unconflicted movement, life in harmony with itself, skill in action. It can be experienced whenever there is total, uninhibited, unconflicted participation in the moment you are in – when you are wholeheartedly present with whatever you are doing.” ~Erich Schiffman, “Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness”

Yoga asana is often viewed as a technique for preparing the…

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Introduction to Yoga for Men

September 11, 2017 - October 16, 2017

Even if you haven’t touched your toes — or seen them — for years, this class is for you. Men of all ages, body types, and athletic ability will learn to work comfortably through a variety of foundational yoga postures, gaining flexibility, strength, and mental focus. See how yoga can help you become a better all-around athlete and more comfortable human being. Adam’s classes are nonjudgmental, fun, and casual. You’ve got nothing to lose but your aching back and tight…

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Kirtan with Yogi Patrick

August 11, 2017

Join us for Yogi P’s only kirtan appearance this summer!

Kirtan is singing mantras together in an easy to follow call-and-response style. Mantras bring the mind, body, and spirit into focus, ecstasy, and liberation. Not just for professional singers, but anyone who feels music in their bones. First- time and long-time chanters welcome.

Yogi P first heard Kirtan as a teenager in New York in 1997. Entranced by the sound and feeling, he chanted his way through India and yoga studios across…

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Yoga for Life Training Program

September 1, 2017

Evolution’s Yoga for Life program offers structure and guidance to yoga students ready to take the next steps on their path of yoga. Through this program, students work to deepen their understanding of the practices and philosophy of yoga, while continuing to learn to integrate them into daily life. The Yoga for Life program is designed to aid students in accessing a deeper understanding and connection to Self, while building a community that is strongly rooted in compassion, with a…

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