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Miv London

Miv is a psychologist, a meditation teacher, a yoga teacher, and a mindfulness advocate. Through her with mind/body approaches, mindfulness meditation, and yoga, she helps students cultivate self-awareness and self-compassion, enabling them to tap their vast potential for problem-solving, healing and growth. Her classes  are based on the mutual creation of a trusting, caring environment, laying the groundwork for addressing the unique needs of her students.

Miv received her doctorate…

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Carolyn Crotty

Carolyn has had a life long love affair with artistic expression and from her first crayon scribbles on walls to her current pursuits on canvas, she has always known in her life-longt creative expression is magical. She is an art therapist with 10 plus years experience in art education and art therapy, and is the foudner of Whirled Tree Arts, in Burlington, Vermont.

After 12 years of practicing yoga in her own time, Carolyn recently acquired her 200-hour yoga teaching certification…

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LifeForce® Yoga to Beat the Blues

January 17, 2017 - February 21, 2017

Are the winter blues getting you down? Come try LifeForce Yoga, a yoga practice specifically designed for working with difficult moods and emotions. In this series, we will create a compassionate environment in which to explore traditional practices including gentle asana, pranayama, mantra, visualization, and meditation, to clear away inner obstructions that keep us stuck in negative moods and enhance our connection to what is most authentic within us.
This program is appropriate for…

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Yoga and Mandala Drawing

January 19, 2017 - February 23, 2017

Yoga is the art of stilling the mind through movement, breath work and meditation. Mandalas are circular designs representative in Hindu and Buddhist culture of the universe. The designs are common in many cultures across time and around the world and have been described as forms that inspire centeredness and calm within. In this 6-week series, we will integrate the realms of art and yoga through making our own mandalas at the beginning of each weekly hatha yoga sequence.

Our mandalas…

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Yoga for Digestive Health

Posted by on Nov 18, 2016 in Evolution Blog | 0 comments

It’s that time a year when food comes to the forefront of celebrating with family and friends. While sharing a specially prepared meal is a beautiful tradition, sharing in too many food-centered celebrations may leave our bodies and minds feeling not so well.

Speaking of the link between bodies and minds, the connection between the mind and the gut is becoming better and better understood. There is a large part of our nervous system that lines the walls of the digestive system from…

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Thanksgiving Yoga Schedule

Posted by on Nov 16, 2016 in Evolution Blog | 0 comments

Join us for yoga before, during, and after Thanksgiving
(click the class title to sign up)

Wednesday, November 23
7-8 am – Kripalu I/II with Bonnie
12:15-1:15 pm – Vinyasa/Yin with Morgan

Thursday, November 24
10-11:30 am – Thanksgiving Day Yoga: Benefit for Hunger Free Vermont
with Rachel

Friday, November 25
10-11:15 am – Kripalu I/II with Bonnie
4:30-5:30 pm – Community Class with Kelly

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Yoga for a Healthy Back – Series

March 8, 2017 - April 12, 2017

This series is designed for people with low back pain who wish to return to yoga practice or explore yoga as a method of managing their symptoms. Students will learn basic lumbar spine anatomy, yoga principles, and modification of poses that work best for their diagnosis.

We will develop a yoga routine that includes breathing exercises, stretches, core strengthening, flowing poses and relaxation exercises. Learn how stabilizing the legs, decompressing the spine and, opening up through…

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Journey into Meditation and Yin Yoga – Series

February 6, 2017 - February 27, 2017

Imagine…. spaciousness in your body, mind and heart.

Imagine… more gentleness and kindness towards yourself.

Imagine…. an uplifting, contemplative, mini-retreat.

Meditation and Yin Yoga are complimentary mindfulness practices that foster awareness and self-caring. Come experience step-by-step meditation guidance to meet your body, mind and emotions with curiosity, skill and gentleness. Explore yin yoga postures that relax and energize your body, bringing greater ease and depth to…

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Yoga for Pain Management

Posted by on Oct 28, 2016 in Evolution Blog |

Pain shows up in many forms and for many reasons. While some pain is the direct result of an injury, other pain presents itself over time, with no specific cause. Whether pain is acute or insidious, physical therapy combined with yoga can help.

The five PT’s at Evolution PT and Yoga prefer to look at the whole person and incorporate yoga into patient care. Physical therapists consider the medical history, the location and description of the current problem, and find out the ways each…

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Evolution Yoga Valentine Yoga

Thanksgiving Day Yoga at Evolution: a Benefit for Hunger Free Vermont

Posted by on Oct 25, 2016 in Evolution Blog, Workshops & Series |

While many of us think of Thanksgiving as a time to celebrate and come together over tables heaping with food, there are many individuals and families in Vermont who struggle every day with hunger and malnutrition. Evolution Yoga wants to help our vulnerable neighbors by holding a benefit class on Thanksgiving Day.

This year, we are asking students to support the work of Hunger Free Vermont by joining us at this special Thanksgiving Day class. Sign up now to reserve your spot—space is…

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