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Ask the PT: Yoga Wall

Posted by on Aug 24, 2017

Have you tried the yoga wall?   Perhaps it is time to mix it up and try something new! The yoga wall at Evolution PT and Yoga can be used to expand your practice, or to help get a practice going.  A yoga practice with the assist of the wall, using straps, pelvic slings or a bar, changes the feel of both advanced and beginner poses.  It provides stability for balance, or a challenge for balance with longer holds and altered center of mass.  The wall can provide deep stretches, or limit range of motion after injury.  Everyone can find a way to use the yoga wall to deepen their personal yoga experience.

Yoga wall classes are a great place to experiment with props.  At home, you may recreate some of the poses using door anchors and yoga straps.  The straps can be used to help you deepen poses such as warrior 1 or warrior 2.  The door anchor is placed between the wall and the closed door, in such a way that the door is being pulled more closed, then secure a yoga strap into a circle, and use it around your thigh as you move into your pose.  The strap can be used on your thigh at different heights to give you a comfortable stretch.



This fall, the we are happy to offer daily weekday yoga wall classes and monthly yoga wall workshops.

In September, join Michelle as she helps you explore the yoga wall to help stretch and release your neck and shoulders.  This is a practice for anyone who holds tension in the traps, scalenes or rhomboids and wants to spend time getting deep into this area.

In October, Andrea will help you to stretch your tight hamstrings on the yoga wall with a 90-minute workshop focused on safe, progressive stretching.  If you wish you had more time to spend lengthening your hamstrings, whether from running or desk sitting, this workshop will give you plenty of time to go deep.

In November, Alison will help you find a sweet release with twists.  Take twisting to a new level while you use the props to help support your body.  The yoga wall pelvic sling as well as straps and blocks will allow for deeper, more fulfilling twists.

In December, Janet will use the yoga wall to help you coax the deep psoas muscles into full relaxation.  Spend time in poses that use props on the wall to support the rest of the body. Stretch the psoas or soften it, the wall can help you.

See you on the wall, this fall! Click on the titles below to register:

Sep. 29: Release Your Neck and Shoulders
Oct. 13: Release Your Hamstrings
Nov. 10: Find Release with Twists
Dec. 15: Psoas Release


See you on the wall, this fall!  – Andrea Trombley PT, DPT, E-RYT