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Basic Mindfulness tips by Joey Corcoran

October, The Lotus Posture (Padmasana)

Mindfulness is as simple as pausing and paying attention.  To live mindfully, you make the conscious intention to be open to your experience just as it is, awake and alive to possibility.

Practicing mindfulness means taking a break from the endless stream of doing and purposefully checking in with this moment, these sensations in the body, this breath.  “What am I noticing…right now?”

With mindful attention, no experience is ordinary.  A meal eaten mindfully becomes a cornucopia of distinctly perceived tastes, and perhaps, a heart full of gratitude.  With mindfulness, judgment is set aside in favor of patience, unconditional friendliness and curiosity. Relationships are a fertile ground for practice!

A daily sitting practice can cultivate this conscious choice to pay attention without judgment.  The stability of the lotus posture, Padmasana, provides the foundation for the mind to rest in awareness.  A focus on the breath refreshes each moment and sharpens concentration.  Thoughts are likely to arise: planning, re-viewing, rehearsing.  “Ah, thinking mind”, you might note affectionately…and let the thoughts go by.  This is your time, a precious time of cultivating awareness of your vibrant being and spacious, sky-like mind.  Gradually, from the muddy waters that surround the roots of the lotus, a flower of open-hearted compassion emerges, for yourself and for others.

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