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When is it time to see the Physical Therapist?

Posted by on Oct 8, 2013

You are active, you eat right, you exercise, you have a regular yoga practice, you hike, you bike, but you have had this little niggling ache in your right shoulder. Sound familiar?

Even a dedicated athlete or yogi can have setbacks. One wrong move and that telling twinge slows you down, or stops you in your tracks. Is it a just a pull, is it a strain, can I just ignore it? Most of us opt for blissful ignorance in this scenario. In many cases, your inner voice is giving you the right advice and the problem will “fix itself”. But sometimes your body needs some help.

You know your body best, but if your pain persists or if you have an injury, it might be time to see the physical therapist. Don’t think of it as giving in; think of it as being proactive. If you wait too long to to treat an injury, you might be contributing to inflammation and further deterioration. Or if your injury heals out of alignment, you could be susceptible to pain and other areas of misalignment in the future.

If you see a physical therapist before there’s been a loss of function or major pain, you can usually get back on the right track with just a few visits. Seeing the PT can also help you control the pain, thus reducing the need for the long-term use of medicines.

The physical therapists at Evolution are all certified yoga instructors, who often integrate yoga into their prescribed therapy programs. They are now offering yoga therapy. Yoga therapy sessions often include breath work, meditation, alignment-based therapeutic yoga sequences, restorative poses and guided relaxation. The first meeting will include a brief consultation to establish goals for the yoga therapy session and development of a therapeutic yoga sequence.

Fees for yoga therapy are as follows:

Initial 60-minute Yoga Therapy Consultation – $100
60-minute Yoga Therapy session – $80
45-minute Yoga Therapy session – $60

During the week of October 14-18, Evolution is taking 50% Off your Initial Yoga Therapy Consultation! Buy you session next week and schedule it for anytime within the next year.

Call our office at 802-864-9642 to schedule an appointment.

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