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Work out the kinks, Rehab, Get a Personalized Yoga Sequence with Yoga Therapy – Initial Consult 50% off this Week!

Posted by on Oct 16, 2013

There is no question that yoga heals. But not every yoga posture is for every body or every circumstance. Whether you are recovering form an injury or just dealing with daily aches and pains, specific yoga postures can help, others can hinder. Do you know how to tell the difference? The physical therapists at Evolution do.

All of our physical therapists are also certified yoga instructors. They are now offering Yoga Therapy! A yoga therapy session integrates eastern practices with a western medicine understanding of anatomy, pathology and evidence-based treatment practices.

Get a custom tailored yoga program to help your recovery or address your aches and pains. Introductory Yoga Therapy Consultations are 50% off this week! (Buy the appointment now and schedule it for anytime within a year.)

Sessions may include breath work, meditation, alignment-based therapeutic yoga sequences, restorative poses and guided relaxation. And a yoga sequence tailored to your body!

The first meeting includes a brief consultation to establish goals for the yoga therapy session and development of a therapeutic yoga sequence. In some instances your physical issue may require a thorough evaluation. In those cases a physical therapy evaluation may be recommended so that a complete assessment can be performed.

Fees for yoga therapy are as follows:
Initial 60-minute Yoga Therapy Consultation – $100 (50% off October 14-18!)
60-minute Yoga Therapy session – $80
45-minute Yoga Therapy session – $60

If integrated into a physical therapy program, yoga therapy is covered by insurance and will be billed according to your insurance contract. The appointment must be scheduled as a Physical Therapy Evaluation (link to how to do that on the PT page)

Buy yours online or Call our office at 802-864-9642 to schedule an appointment.


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