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Yoga for Your Baby

Welcome to Evolution’s infant and baby programs. Our classes for birth to age one provide you the opportunity to mindfully connect with your little one through movement, massage, song and relaxation. Class activities increase baby’s body awareness, aid in digestion, and cultivate a more relaxed and joyful state for the baby.

EvoBabies and EvoKids Spring 2014 9-week schedule dates: Monday, April 7 -Saturday, June 14th. (No class the week of April 21)

$117 or use your class card (excluding unlimited cards). Register here.

Infant Yoga and Massage is a Drop-in class (though we recommend you pre-register ahead of time)

Class Descriptions

Infant Yoga and Massage (6 weeks - 6 months)

Infant Yoga and Massage (6 weeks – 6 months) is an interactive class for babies and their parents or caregivers. In this light-hearted, sweet class we introduce basic yoga poses and concepts through gentle stretches and song, as well as focus a portion of each class on infant massage.

Participants will receive lavender massage oil a few weeks into the series so that they can practice the massage at home with their babies. Please bring a thick baby blanket.

Thursdays, 12:30-1:15 pm with Susan, beginning April 3

You are welcome to drop in to this weekly class if space allows. However we strongly recommend pre-registering ahead of time.

Baby Yoga (6 Months to Crawlers)

Baby Yoga is a laughter-filled class for babies sitting and crawling. Baby yoga builds on the foundations set in infant yoga and massage (see above), although previous participation in infant yoga is not a necessity for joining this class. We use age-appropriate props, as well as songs and games, to build coordination, strength and balance for these young yogis. As a parent, you’ll notice how instinctual yoga is to your little baby as they move into downward facing dog, star, and even tree pose!

Mondays, 9:45-10:30 am with Morgan

Postnatal: Crawlers and Toddlers

Once your baby is on the move, you can keep your yoga practice going with our new Crawlers and Toddlers class. This class is geared for mamas who want to continue their yoga practice with little ones in tow. This 50minute class is a condensed vinyasa style class for the adult focusing on abdominal strengthening and chest-opening while babies/toddlers crawl, walk, play, and socialize! The class is structured to regain strength and energy in a minimal amount of time, taking into account toddlers’ limited attention spans.

Please bring with you a blanket for your child, as well as any toys your child would be ok with sharing (if you have a “special” toy, beware – other children will want to play with it, too!).  The studio will be open for you and your child to set up 10 minutes before the start of the class.  Please plan on arriving within this time window for class, so that we can keep the lobby less congested.  Sippy cups are fine, but please no snacks.

Tuesdays 9:40-10:30, April 1 – May 6

EvoMamas Playgroup

EvoMamas Playgroup fosters community, support, and friendship in the months after birth. Whether you are a new mom or you’ve just had another baby, you’re invited to come hang out, discuss, and unwind. This free gathering offers you an opportunity to reflect on the joys and challenges of motherhood in a casual, supportive environment.

2nd and 4th Thursdays from 1:15-2:45
Be sure to join us on the EvoMamas Facebook page!