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Women’s Health Programs at Evolution

Evolution Physical Therapy, Yoga and Massage offers comprehensive services for women through all phases their life. Our goal is to address health concerns unique to women with our specialized treatment programs and classes.

Women’s Health Services

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic Floor Therapy (covered by your health insurance – Evolution Physical Therapy’s pelvic floor therapists, Meagen Satinsky, PT and Andrea Trombley, PT are trained to evaluate and treat issues that arise due to a dysfunctional pelvic floor.  Women may experience urinary incontinence, urge, pain during sex, pelvic, hip and low back pain. During the postpartum phase splitting of the abdominal muscles may limit women from strengthening their core. Our therapists can teach you how to close the split and regain your abdominal function. Treatment sessions include a comprehensive evaluation of abdominal, back, hip and pelvic floor function, biofeedback training, release of tight muscles and retraining of weak muscles.If you have had a c-section or episiotomy, you may be taught how to perform scar tissue massage. Our therapists are all yoga instructors and may prescribe a home yoga program to improve your hip mobility and core strength to help you achieve your goals.  The initial evaluation is 60 minutes and follow-up sessions are 45 minutes long.  We typically see clients for 6-8 sessions every 1-2 weeks until the issue is resolved.We accept most major insurance carriers. Click here for more information about our physical therapy services.

Call 802-864-9642 to schedule an appointment.

Prenatal/Postnatal Physical Therapy for Back and Hip Pain

During the pregnancy and postpartum period the the body undergoes significant changes in alignment, ligamentous laxity and physical stresses. Our physical therapists all specialize in helping women bring their body back into balance to reduce pain and dysfunction. Treatments include:

  • Stretching and mobilization to reduce instability or subluxation of the sacroiliac joints, pubic symphysis, back, ribs and hips
  • Abdominal strengthening to close diastasis recti
  • Behavioral modifications to prevent recurrence of the imbalance
  • Custom yoga programs to maintain flexibility, strength and for acute pain management
  • Release of trigger points and muscle tension that are contributing to pain

We accept most major insurance carriers. Click here for more information about our physical therapy services.
Call 802-864-9642 to schedule an appointment.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga prepares a woman for childbirth physically and emotionally. This class focuses on yoga poses which create strength, stability and comfort in order to guide the body toward opening. We practice a blend of flowing movements for stamina and sustained holds of poses for strength and mental focus. This class supports women in all stages of pregnancy and no prior yoga experience is necessary.

Drop in at $15 per class or use your 10-class pass.
Check our Schedule for dates and times

Couples Yoga for Labor and Birth

Couples Yoga for Labor and Birth, with Susan Cline Lucey

In this one-time Friday night workshop, you and your partner will learn yoga, breath work, massage, and relaxation techniques for pregnancy, labor and birth. We’ll cover a variety of labor support techniques and pain coping practices for the different stages of labor as well as counter-pressure tips to help with back pain during labor. Conversation will also focus on the physiology of labor, how/when to coach through a contraction, and the specific practice of non-focused awareness as a tool for labor.

This workshop is a great way for you to connect as a couple in preparation for sharing the birth experience together – it’s invaluable for first time parents, as well as for those second/third time parents who are not planning on taking a birth class but would like a class to connect around the baby and have a refresher on labor support techniques. Students find this workshop very helpful in the last stages of pregnancy
6-8:30 pm, $65 per couple Register Here.
Check our workshops page for upcoming dates


EvoMamas – Share, laugh, and reflect on the joys and chal­lenges of mothering in a sweet, constructive environ­ment. Evo Mamas is a free bi-weekly group for moth­ers of infants to pre-crawl­ers. Whether you are a new mom, or you’ve just had another baby, you’re in­vited to come hang out, discuss, and unwind. Here you’ll find community, support, and friendship in the months after birth.

Every 2nd and 4th Thursday from 10:20-noon.

Be sure to join us on the EvoMamas Facebook page!

Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga – The transition into motherhood can be emotionally and physically challenging as your body begins to realign after so many months growing a baby. Post-Natal Yoga focuses on bringing the body back to strength and alignment in a fun and nurturing environment with other mothers.

We begin the class with a chance to talk about common themes such as sleep (or lack thereof), feeding baby, how to wear your baby, etc., and then move into a moderately-paced yoga class which focuses on relieving shoulder and back pain, strengthening deep abdominal and pelvic muscles, and building stamina.

Feel free to bring your baby with you, and a baby blanket. This fun, all-levels class is appropriate for moth­ers with babies 6 weeks to pre-crawling.

Drop in at $15 per class or use your 10-class pass.
Check our Schedule for dates and times.

New Mom Consult

New Mom Consult – Now that that you are through the initial new baby moments, it’s time to take a look at you! How is your body? Are your shoulders achy from holding that precious bundle up to nurse? Is your neck sore from hefting the car seat or wearing baby? Are you anxious to get back to running and wondering if your body is ready? Evolution Physical Therapy now offers a specialized New Mom Consultation, to guide you on the path to recovering your pre-pregnancy functioning.

This one-hour evaluation with our Women’s Health Physical Therapists, Andrea Trombley PT, and Meagen Satinsky PT, will address abdominal strength and integrity, pelvic floor function, muscle and joint pain. Common issues addressed include diastasis recti, post c-section abdominal retraining, pelvic floor muscle re-education (proper Kegel exercise), incontinence, pelvic pain, breastfeeding positioning, lifting and carrying recommendations.

Each woman has unique issues that will be addressed within 1 to 6 visits, including a home program. The new mom consult is covered by insurance and will be billed as a physical therapy visit. New moms must be 6 weeks post delivery, or cleared by the physician if there were complications during the birth. Please give our office a call at 802-864-9642 to schedule an evaluation.

Belly after Baby Workshop

Belly after Baby Workshop with Andrea Trombley, PT – Return to optimal strength and get to know your body again. In this physical therapy workshop, you’ll learn simple exercises you can use every day and as a part of your yoga practice. We’ll focus on anato­my of the pelvic floor and core muscles, core and postural engagement, and strategies to prevent common postpar­tum issues such as inconti­nence, back, pelvic and hip pain.

Participants must be at least six weeks postpartum.
Please leave baby at home – this workshop is just for you!
Cost – $40 for a 2-hour workshop
Check our Workshops page or Facebook for our next scheduled workshop.

Postnatal Core Yoga Class

Postnatal Core Yoga Class with Meagen Satinsky, PT – Rediscover a connection to your core in this post-natal yoga class that you and your baby can attend.  Meagen Satinsky, PT brings her years of experience as a yoga instructor and women’s health physical therapist to this class to target your abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles.  Learn how to use your core muscles in a balanced way to reduce bulging of the abdomen and strain on the back and hips.  You will learn how to strengthen your upper body with core stability to assist with all of the lifting and carrying required of motherhood.  This class is appropriate for women with babies 6 weeks to crawling.

Drop In – $15 per class
Check our schedule for dates and times