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Couples Yoga for Labor and Birth

April 4, 2014

In this one-time Friday night workshop, you and your partner will learn yoga, breath work, massage, and relaxation techniques for pregnancy, labor and birth. We’ll cover a variety of labor support techniques and pain coping practices for the different stages of labor as well as counter-pressure tips to help with back pain during labor. Conversation will also focus on the physiology of labor, how/when to coach through a contraction, and the specific practice of non-focused awareness as a tool for labor.

This workshop is a great way for you to connect as a couple in preparation for sharing the birth experience together – it’s invaluable for first time parents, as well as for those second/third time parents who are not planning on taking a birth class but would like a class to connect around the baby and have a refresher on labor support techniques. Students find this workshop very helpful in the last stages of pregnancy.

April 4th – 6-8 pm

Future Dates: May 2, June 6th 6-8:30 pm, $65 per couple

Register Online or call 864-9642