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Janet Carscadden PT, DPT, E-RYT, YACEP

Owner – Evolution PT and Yoga Studio Inc.

Lead Faculty Evolution Yoga Teacher Training

Dr. Carscadden has been practicing yoga for over 23 years.  As a licensed physical therapist she was first drawn to ways that yoga improved flexibility, strength and clarity of mind. Gradually over time she discovered the full breadth of yoga’s practices.  She received training in the healing art of yoga therapy and started integrating yoga practices into her patient treatment sessions.  Janet…

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Martha Whitney CHT, SEP, E-RYT 500

Martha offers a mindful, inspiring and welcoming yoga environment that fosters an enhanced self-acceptance and embodied well-being. Her in-depth training in anatomy, movement and breath allows her to artfully guide postures that access body ease and aliveness. Martha compassionately meets her students where they are while encouraging them to stretch beyond what they have known and to experience more fully who they truly are. Students leave class feeling more comfortable, confident and…

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Christine Holt

Evolution PT and Yoga Studio Manager

As a lifelong dancer, Christine first came to know and love yoga through vinyasa classes, and quickly noticed that the practice was not only nourishing her physical body, it was stirring-up her soul and making her spirit smile. She was first certified in 2001 through OM Yoga Center in New York City, and has since received further training in CircusYoga, yoga therapy, and mindfulness meditation in the tradition of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.


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Gaby Goldberg CMT, E-RYT 500, YT – 1000

Lead Faculty Evolution Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training & Director of Yoga Programming and Staff Development

Gaby is passionate about reconnecting people to the truest aspects of themselves. Yoga is the modality that leads her closest to this, offering deep, lasting healing and the ability to embrace one’s whole self. Knowing and understanding the potentiality that exists within each practitioner empowers Gaby to create and hold space that not only plants seeds of transformation, but…

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Bonnie Glass LICSW, E-RYT 200

Evolution Yoga Teacher Training Program Coordinator

Bonnie began exploring yoga practices during college when she was a NCAA Division I Varsity athlete and was in need of balance and calm. After college graduation she moved to New York City to pursue a passionate social work career and continued her personal exploration with yoga and mindfulness. As she worked with diverse populations that experienced trauma, violence, illness, and loss, she quickly recognized the benefits of yoga for…

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Adam Bluestein

Adam teaches alignment-focused, slow-flow yoga classes for beginner to advanced students in Burlington, Vermont. He completed his Yoga Alliance 200-hour teacher certification with John McConnell at the University of Vermont in spring 2015. Inspired by John’s joyful, heart-focused teaching, and by the other teachers who inform his own evolving practice, Adam’s classes are friendly, eclectic, musical, and appropriately challenging.

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Annette Browne

Over the past 17 years, Annette’s yoga practice has become her passion. She has woven Yoga into her life, which includes being a NICU nurse and Massage Practitioner.

Annette has completed her 200- and 500-hour teacher training at Kripalu and has studied with and been inspired by teachers including Arlene Griffin, Emily Garrett, Martha Whitney, Donna Farhi, Stephen Cope, Sharon Salzberg, Yoganand, Rod Stryker, Jonathan Foust, and Don Stapleton.

Originally from Zimbabwe, she loves to…

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Dr. Alison Aiken, PT, DPT, CYT

Alison began practicing yoga in 1999 to achieve grounding and stability. As a distance runner interested in emotional and cardiovascular health, she found yoga practice to be a nice complement to the repetitive stress that running places on the body. In 2005 she completed her yoga teacher training through The Yoga Institute with a concentration in Viniyoga. This style of teaching, which focuses on adapting and modifying postures for the individual rather than expecting the individual…

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Andrea Trombley PT, DPT, E-RYT

Andrea took her first Hatha yoga class at UVM as an undergraduate for a required physical education credit. It would take many years for her to return to yoga, when she found Ashtanga yoga, which fit her then-active lifestyle. But as time went on, and motherhood took over, it was the more gentle, alignment-based Hatha yoga that finally prompted her to explore yoga more thoroughly. She completed her Anusara-Inspired Yoga training with Todd Norian in 2012, and has been teaching weekly…

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Melodie Fallon

Melodie wants to inspire students to move towards their most authentic selves. She began practicing yoga after high school to find some balance and connection in her life. After years of practicing she found it was the only constant thing in her life, and decided to take a YTT. Melodie studied Kirpalu and Hatha yoga with Pranotthan Yoga School in April 2016. Her classes are slow paced, intentional and creative, drawing on inspiration from nature and the pace at which it moves. She also…

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Kate Floyd

Kate first began to practice yoga while in college. Immediately hooked on the light feeling that followed that first class, there began a life-long journey of yoga practice. She completed her 200-hour Hatha Teacher Training with Vermont teachers Emily Garrett and Sofi Dillof in 2012. Her classes are gentle with purposeful pauses that encourage individuals to nurture their sense of compassionate curiosity. It is her hope that all individuals receive something from her classes and share…

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Morgan Gundersen

Morgan started practicing yoga in 2006 while attending Champlain College. After getting her 200-hour yoga teacher certification in the winter of 2008 at Kripalu, she began teaching at both Champlain and Evolution Yoga. She then had a great opportunity to teach an adaptive yoga class for clients at the Howard Center. Honored to take this job, it reiterated the fact that anyone and everyone can experience the benefits of yoga and it’s mind and body connection.

It wasn’t until her…

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Miv London

Miv is a psychotherapist, meditation teacher, and yoga teacher. She weaves mindfulness and meditative practices into yoga, helping her students cultivate self-awareness and self-compassion, and enabling them to tap their vast potential for healing and growth.

Miv received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Yale University in 1984. She worked at the University of Vermont from 1994 to 2015 as a staff psychologist at the Counseling Center where she co-founded the UVM Mindfulness…

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Kim Jordan, MA

Kim Jordan has been practicing yoga since 1998 and received her Yoga Alliance 200-hour certification with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Therapeutic Yoga in 2017.  Kim specializes in therapeutic, trauma-sensitive yoga for all skill-levels, bodies, and abilities. She believes that yoga is a practice of embodied mindfulness, self-inquiry, and self-care. Her classes include vinyasa flow, slow-flow, restorative/de-stress, and incorporate connecting the wisdom of the body, mind, breath,…

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Patrick McAndrew

Patrick teaches yoga like no other. A certified Kripalu yoga teacher, who has been practicing yoga since his teens, Patrick brings the magic of the ages into a gentle and lively practice that is completely relevant to today.

He uses unique postural sequences, deep devotion, and a light-hearted sense of humor, to help each student connect to yoga’s history, philosophy, and community. Like a modern male incarnation of Saraswati (the Hindu Goddess of music and knowledge), Patrick leads…

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Jane Michaud

To be a beginner over and over again, has been the greatest revelation since Jane began her yogic journey in 1997, at the ripe old age of 43.  Now 20 years later, she can honestly say that what she once feared in the life, has come to be her friend – repetition.  Blending together the beginner mind and repetition has allowed Jane to show up in the seat of the teacher with great humility.

Jane’s kundalini awakening in 2005 steered her to Kripalu for her first training.  Jane’s first…

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Steph Muzzy

Steph discovered yoga after years of running and other athletic activities. She went to her first class not knowing what to expect, but by the time the class was over she was hooked. Initially it was the physical aspect of the practice that kept her coming back, but overtime she noticed an internal shift that truly generated her love of yoga.

Steph is a mom of three girls whom she considers to be among her best teachers; reminding her the importance of laughter, and that fun can be…

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Meagen Satinsky MPT, PYT

Meagen received her Master’s degree in physical therapy in 2000 from Simmons College in Boston, MA. Combining over 12 years of PT experience in acute care, rehab, and outpatient settings with the application of yoga therapy, she offers an integrated healing approach. Her unique perspective integrating PT and yoga helps support clients with movement and pain challenges. She has focused on acute and chronic movement and pain disorders, specifically back pain and pelvic floor…

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Devin Russell

Devin has been practicing yoga for 5 years now and received her 200 hour certification through the UVM YTT program 2 years ago. As a recent graduate with a degree in Psychology, Devin not only promotes the physical benefits of yoga but also the importance of yoga and mindfulness in fostering mental and emotional well-being. In her classes, Devin encourages her students to engage in a practice of devotion to one’s highest self, nurturing a playful exploration between body and mind while…

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Kyle McGregor PT, DPT, RYT

Kyle McGregor PT, DPT, RYT graduated from the University of Vermont with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2014. Deciding to stay in his home state of Vermont, Kyle has worked in the outpatient setting, with a specific focus on the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions. It was his desire to help people combined with a love for the human body that drove him towards physical therapy. This drive segued beautifully into a passion for yoga, as it provides the opportunity to…

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Michelle Downing DPT, RYT

Michelle discovered her love for all things relating to the human body shortly after moving to Waitsfield, Vermont in 2003. This passion lead her to deepen her yoga practice in intensive study of philosophy and detailed alignment principles with yoga instructors Todd Norian and John Friend. She completed a 300-hour teacher training in 2006.

While completing her yoga studies, Michelle discovered a particular interest in yoga therapy. An ever increasing curiosity about the human body…

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Hanna Satterlee

Choreographer and dancer Hanna Satterlee grew up in East Montpelier, Vermont and has spent many years traveling through dance and movement, both nationally and internationally.

Now based in Burlington, Hanna is a freelance performer and teacher, and is the current director of the Vermont Dance Alliance, with a strong belief that the culture of dance will continue to flourish and expand throughout the edges of our beautiful state.

Hanna holds a Masters in Fine Arts/Interdisciplinary Arts…

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Rachel de Simone

Movement has always been part of Rachel’s life. As a former dancer, she is compelled by the fluidity, gracefulness, and creativity of vinyasa yoga, the precision and strength of alignment-based practices, and the clarity and focus found in stillness. For Rachel, yoga is a form of self-expression and a process of connecting to the most authentic parts of herself. Her personal practice continues to teach her how to live truthfully and reflectively.

Rachel completed her 200-Hour teacher…

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Brian Tobin

Brian is grateful to share classes that are filled with yogic philosophy, pranayama, focused asana, and meditation practice. The focus of Brian’s teaching is to create a community of practice (sangha) in which students find their working edge, breathe into it, and accept exactly what arises. Brian aims to meet his students where they are and work with each student to identify and expand their own unique practice. Always a student as well as a teacher, Brian feels an immense sense of…

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