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Chelsea Brasel

Chelsea took her first yoga classes as a freshman at UVM for a gym credit. From there she developed a lifelong interest in the practice of yoga. She continued taking classes in the Burlington area and found a welcoming community at Evolution. You may recognize her from our own front desk, where she will happily check you in for classes or schedule your physical therapy appointment. In 2012, she traveled to Nicaragua for a 200 hour YTT with Kimberly Waugh. She learned many things during her training, but the most valuable was about her own practice and the importance of the breath both on and off the mat.

Chelsea’s classes tend to combine flowing and pausing. Moving with the breath and then resting; strong holds and then surrender; the balance between effort and ease. It always comes back to the breath and a reminder to experience the present moment. Everyone is welcome in her classes, let the practice meet you where you are!