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“I can’t tell you how much the classes at evolution mean to us… I absolutely love the opportunity to go to yoga class and take Reya with me during family yoga. She really enjoys it too – mostly she plays but sometimes she comes over and does poses with me, which I love! After we get home from class, she often goes around making up her own poses and yells out to me, “look mamma – yoga!” while she strikes a pose.”


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“Thank you for a great class! Finn had a blast and even showed his dad tree pose and down dog when he came home. He really opened up during this class.”

-Tre, mother of Finn (21 months)

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Jill M.

“Evolution’s unlimited class card appeals to the thrifty side of me and motivates me to take more yoga classes, because the more classes I take, the cheaper the class. I love my unlimited card!”

– Jill M.

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Dana P.

“Evolution has so many great teachers sometimes its hard to pick which class to take. An unlimited pass lets you take all the classes you want without having to leave someone out. I also love that with a pass if you feel like you want to go everyday one week it wont leave you strapped for cash, and you get to do something good for you.”

– Dana P.

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