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Emma Mulvaney-Stanak

Emma began practicing yoga on a regular basis in 2003. Since then her practice deepened to move beyond a simple physical practice to a mix of spiritual, mental and physical practices allowing her to maintain her mental health and heal her body.  As she deepens her yoga and meditation practice each year, she further explores the power of self-acceptance and self-healing available through regular practice. As a teacher, Emma hopes to share her experience and knowledge to help students with their own self-exploration and healing journey. She believes yoga should be accessible to all bodies and abilities.

Emma completed a 200 hour certification program through Laughing River Yoga in 2012. She began to teach in Montpelier and Burlington soon afterward but took a short pause to have her first child, Ruby, in 2015. Emma returned to teaching more regularly in 2018 and offers a combination of gentle to moderate style flow and vinyasa classes inspired by Kripalu and other yoga disciplines.