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Posted by on Aug 9, 2021

20 Kilburn: Burnout Recovery for Healthcare Professionals (4-week series) with Christine O’Neill

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Do you dread going to work?

Are you completely exhausted?

Have you started wondering whether your work is even helping anyone anymore?

Do you fantasize about quitting?

If so, you’re far from alone. And it’s not your fault!

Burnout rates have skyrocketed among healthcare workers. Unfortunately, the common advice for dealing with burnout is to practice self-care, but what does that mean? Bubble baths and massages feel good in the moment, but by the time you’re burned out, even a 2-week vacation isn’t enough to get you back to wellness. Self-care is important and may help prevent burnout, but what do you do once you’re fried?

The solution includes:

1. Helping your nervous system heal from the physiologic effects of chronic stress

2. Understanding how the system you work in–and your relationship with work–contribute
to burnout so that you can make adjustments that better support you moving forward

In this transformational 4-week series, you’ll:
➾ Compare the signs and symptoms of chronic stress, exhaustion, and burnout and
identify where you fall on the continuum
➾ Learn the neuroscience of stress and burnout, along with why things feel extra hard in
2021 (and apply that learning right away)
➾ Be led through weekly gentle movement and relaxation exercises designed to complete
the stress cycle and improve your wellbeing
➾ Start to identify ways in which your relationship with your work contributes to burnout,
and create an action plan for doing things differently
Appropriate for all healing and wellness professionals dealing with chronic stress and/or

When: Thursday, Sept 16-Oct. 7, 7:15-8:15pm

Cost: $80

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