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Posted by on Feb 5, 2021

Livestream: Pawanmuktasana (3 week Series) with Will Duprey

Livestream: Pawanmuktasana (3 week Series) with Will Duprey

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This three-part series establishes the practice and theory of Pawanmuktasana. This healing series of gentle exercises are designed to address imbalances in the joints, digestive system and nervous system. These breath-influenced practices are fundamental for asana, pranayama, and subtle body energetics. The goal of each of these groups is to release energy blockages, thereby promoting total health through the regulation and stabilization of energy.
These series are suitable for all ages. Join Will Duprey for one session or all three.


March 10th

Series 1 – Antirheumatic. This series is concerned with the movement of joints and releasing blocked energy from joints.


March 17th

Series 2 – Digestion. This series is concerned with releasing blockages in the digestive system and abdominal area.


March 24th

Series 3 – Shakti Bandha. This series is concerned with releasing energy blockages on a neuromuscular level and improving energy flow within the body.


If you are unable to attend at the scheduled time, no worries! A recording will be available for 7 days after the event.


Cost: $30 per session

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Will Duprey

International yoga teacher, writer, storyteller, Will Duprey practices pranayama and meditation and is known for effortlessly combining classical theory with contemporary yoga methods. With over 15 years of teaching and consulting on yoga teacher trainings globally, his unique mentorship program provides deep knowledge and balance among different styles of yoga. In addition to his own writing, Will has contributed to publications such as:, OmStars and has a regular column in YogaLife Magazine Malaysia. Will is the founder of Hathavidya yoga teacher training school and is currently penning a poetic translation on the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.