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Posted by on Sep 2, 2021

Strength for Longevity (4 Week Series) with Zach Wilson

Strength for Longevity (4 Week Series) with Zach Wilson

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This 4-week series builds upon the foundations established in the Yoga For Longevity Series earlier this year. The ancient yogis had this stuff figured out! Modern science and movement practices continue to show support for yoga practices as they relate to physical, mental, and emotional needs.

In the Strength for Longevity series, learn how yoga postures relate to functional movement and other positions that can be used to increase strength, stability, and endurance. Through use of longer postural holds, movement repetition, resistance bands, weights, and posture modifications, learn something new about your current practice that may help you off the mat — whether that is at the gym, work, home…or wherever you move your body. This series may be taken separately or in combination with Yoga For Longevity.

When: Mondays, Oct 11- Nov 1, 10- 11:15 am

Where: Online, and In-person at 20 Kilburn St.

Cost: $80

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