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What do the different levels mean?

Level I:

Recommended for beginner or intermediate practitioners, level I focuses on building strength and endurance by creating a firm foundation in all poses. This class will explore the power of standing poses, gentle back bending, and core strength-building poses. Basic yoga breathing techniques are included in level I classes.

Level I/II:

This intermediate class is a bridge connecting foundation poses to a more moderately-paced practice. Level I/II focuses on transitioning accurately between poses, particularly in sun salutations. Basic inversions will be introduced, as well as more challenging back bending and balancing poses. This class is appropriate for any level beyond brand-new beginner.

Level II:

A strong practice for those with prior yoga experience, level II balances vigorous vinyasa with sustained poses in order to refine the details of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the practice. This class explores deeper versions of standing and seated poses, arm balances and inversions, and pranayama exercises. Must have a strong yoga practice to participate.

Level II/III:

Advanced students and teachers, men and women, who can kick to handstand at the wall and perform Urdhva Dhanurasana (full wheel back bend) with straight arms. This practice is for dedicated practitioners of all ages, who are very committed to their practice, building community, and gracefully playing their edge. The teacher practices alongside the students and gives direction and guidance. Experienced students are always welcome. The practice concludes with a half-hour exploration of meditation, yoga nidra, shavasana, and/or restorative poses. This practice is not recommended for beginners.

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