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Posted by on Aug 16, 2017

Hanna Satterlee

Hanna Satterlee

Choreographer and dancer Hanna Satterlee grew up in East Montpelier, Vermont and has spent many years traveling through dance and movement, both nationally and internationally.

Now based in Burlington, Hanna is a Teaching Artist with the Flynn, choreographs and performs on a freelance basis, and is the founder and director of the Vermont Dance Alliance, a nonprofit that connects and supports dancers of all genres and levels throughout the state of Vermont.

Hanna holds a Masters in Fine Arts/Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College (VT/WA) and a vinyasa teacher certification from Laughing Lotus Yoga School (SF, CA), with additional training in Chi Gong and Yin Yoga. With the confirmed belief that movement has the power to change and heal, Hanna’s yoga classes focus on remembering joy, energizing our physical power and expanding beyond habitual movement pathways. With finely curated musical playlists, each of Hanna’s classes offers a full body experience with expressive, unique sequencing. Come join the dance!

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