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Posted by on Apr 21, 2019

Julia O’Shea

Julia O’Shea

Julia has been teaching yoga to various populations since 2012. Most recently she has been teaching the Kaiut Yoga Method to people with chronic conditions at the UVM Medical Center. She connects with people in a safe gentle way which comes from her work as a respiratory therapist. After practicing various types of yoga for 12 years, Julia was drawn to Kaiut Yoga because it supports the potential to heal her own injuries and conditions. She completed her 300 hour Kaiut Yoga Method training in 2018 and is excited to share the practice with others.

Evolution is amazing for both physical therapy and yoga.

I began telehealth PT a month ago in the midst of Covid-19 office visit limitations.  I had considerable shoulder pain and restricted range of motion that severely impacted my activity. Within one month, my level of pain has dramatically decreased and my activity level is almost back to normal. I think telehealth is an excellent means of doing physical therapy. Dr. Janet Carscadden is a superb therapist in every way.  She provides skilled and carefully planned guidance and support.  I was so incredibly surprised how well this platform of health care delivery worked for me!

My practice of Kaiut Yoga with Julia O’Shea has been essential to my overall health and well-being over the past year. Julia does an amazing job of providing modifications and adaptations that work for each individual and has helped me work through many physical issues. She is a talented and extraordinary teacher of this healing method of yoga.  The delivery of these classes online during this challenging time has been a wonderful contribution to our collective wellness.

Thank you, Evolution Physical Therapy & Yoga! – NS