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Release Your Psoas and Iliacus with 4 Simple Yoga Poses

Your iliacus and psoas muscles, are part of a group of muscles called your hip flexors.  These muscles can become short from just the sheer number of hours that we sit in a day, and overused when we try to … Continue reading

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Aparigraha: Practicing Release with the Exhale

One way of translating aparigraha is non-possessiveness. Possession is another word for control – in relation to something that has happened in the past, is happening in the present, or to an outcome we wish for in the future. In … Continue reading

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Yoga on the Lake 2018 – Rain or Shine at the New Site!

Our inspiring Yoga on the Lake and Sunset Yoga classes start on June 4, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer SIX weekly classes overlooking the lake, all summer long! Between the grand opening of the new Community Sailing … Continue reading

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Aparigraha – Practicing Non-Attachment

Aparigraha is Sanskrit for non-attachment. It can also be translated as non-possessiveness or non-greed. I was introduced to non-attachment at Kripalu Center for Health and Yoga while volunteering for the maintenance and carpentry crew. I was a recent college graduate, … Continue reading

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Brahmacharya: Practicing Moderation

Brahmacharya is the practice of non-excess, moderation, and right use of energy. It’s the practice of experiencing the pleasure, wonder, and the mystery of life without over-indulgence. Brahma is Sanskrit for God or creation. Charya translates to mean “one who … Continue reading

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