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January Yoga Challenge Week 2

We hope you have had fun exploring week one’s Sun Breath variations.  In week two you can start building your practice.  Gaby Goldberg has recorded a video of the Classical Hatha Yoga Sun Salutation.  Sun Salutations are the perfect practice … Continue reading

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Balancing Your Nervous System

Living in a healthy state should be a life priority for people of any age or gender. There is a distinct relationship between your health and well-being and your nervous system. Keeping a healthy balance can be done with proper … Continue reading

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The Art of Observation – January Yoga Challenge

There are three principal means of acquiring knowledge… observation of nature, reflection, and experimentation. Observation collects facts; reflection combines them; experimentation verifies the result of that combination.  – Denis Diderot The new year is time of observation, reflection and the … Continue reading

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Post C-Section Recovery: What You May Not Know

As an experienced physical therapist, I have become more and more convinced about the importance of treating abdominal surgeries with physical therapy, similar to offering physical therapy after a knee, or shoulder surgery. During the first few years of my … Continue reading

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A Week of PT Service in Port-de-Paix, Haiti

Saturday, October 14th was the official PT Day of Service. While many PT’s around the country provided falls risk assessments and other valuable services, I took a day to reflect on my week of PT service in Port-de-Paix, Haiti. To … Continue reading

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