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$5 Yoga Classes 5 Times a Week!

Evolution has $5 drop-in yoga classes 5 times a week. All of our community classes are only $5. Mondays with Morgan at 4:30 Mondays with Brian at 7:30 Wednesdays with John at 4:30 Fridays with Chelsea at 4:30 Join us! Find yourself on … Continue reading

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What does back pain have to do with breathing?

As a physical therapist, I’ve often associated low back pain with reduced exercise and possibly carrying a few extra pounds around on the abdomen. In fact, the standard care for low back pain (don’t stay in bed too long, start … Continue reading

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Yoga Wall, Inversions, Controversy, and the King and Queen

The Yoga Wall is the new kid on the block of yoga props while inversions have been the mainstay of the yoga asana practice since the beginning of time. Recently though, some inversions have fallen into controversy due to their … Continue reading

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21-Day Back to the Mat Challenge: Day Twenty-one. Savasana.

Welcome to Day Twenty-one. Savasana. We made it. This is the yoga pose we’ve all been waiting for! And perhaps this posture is the purpose of every yoga practice? To get to a posture where we can just collapse into … Continue reading

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21-Day Back to the Mat Challenge: Day Twenty. Reclining Spinal Twist.

Welcome to Day Twenty. Reclining Spinal Twist. Supta Matsyendrasana. Twists feel amazing. They ease back pain, aid digestion, relieve tension, and increase feelings of calm. (Please note: if you have osteoporosis, consult your healthcare giver before engaging in deep twists.) Enjoy … Continue reading

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