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Yoga is an Effective Practice to Manage Chronic Pain

Dealing with pain is exhausting. Not only do you have to be hyper aware of movements, positions and activities that may increase your pain, but at the same time, you are likely not sleeping well. This excessive attention from the … Continue reading

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Yoga for Runners

It’s running season in Vermont. Every year, in late winter, early spring, competing in the marathon begins to show up as a goal of many physical therapy patients here in Burlington.  What is this desire to participate in a long … Continue reading

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Are Your Organs Pulling You Out of Alignment?

Holistic. In health care, this term is often used as an equivalent to “alternative medicine.” A more literal definition (found with a quick search on Google) is “characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable … Continue reading

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Yoga and Traveling with Kelly Taylor – Exploring Bali and New Zealand

It is no secret that there are many skills to be gained and lessons to be learned while traveling abroad, especially when it’s a solo venture. There are small things like quick estimations of C to F and how to … Continue reading

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Perception, Yoga, and Horseback Riding

I hadn’t really put together the whole yoga and horseback riding thing. I often see Facebook and Instagram posts about yoga and goats, yoga and cats, or yoga and dogs. They look cute. Practicing with sweet, furry animals looks like … Continue reading

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