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Morgan, Horses, and Yoga

Evolution Yoga teacher, Morgan Merrihew would neither admit nor deny that her first name comes from the Morgan horse, that noble breed that was to influence the course of horse breeding in the United States and the world. (It is … Continue reading

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Yoga for Your Sole(s)

If you’ve taken yoga classes then you’ve heard the news: feet are foundation. If you’ve ever walked, run, or even taken a seat in your favorite comfy chair, than you’ve experienced this firsthand. That’s right, even in sitting the feet … Continue reading

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Featured Yoga Teacher: Bonnie Glass, LCSW

Bonnie Glass loves Vermont. She has always vacationed here and though she has only lived here since July, already feels like it’s home. Like many New Yorkers, she got married here—on a mountain. Unlike most New Yorkers, she did it … Continue reading

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$5 Yoga Classes 5 Times a Week!

Evolution has $5 drop-in yoga classes 5 times a week. All of our community classes are only $5. Mondays with Morgan at 4:30 Mondays with Brian at 7:30 Wednesdays with John at 4:30 Fridays with Chelsea at 4:30 Join us! Find yourself on … Continue reading

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What does back pain have to do with breathing?

As a physical therapist, I’ve often associated low back pain with reduced exercise and possibly carrying a few extra pounds around on the abdomen. In fact, the standard care for low back pain (don’t stay in bed too long, start … Continue reading

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