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Strengthen Your Core for Better…Everything

You should strengthen your core. Let’s face it, your core is pretty much the center of it all. Ever get a gut feeling about something? Ever feel something (joy, fear, love, pride) right down to your core? Ever have a … Continue reading

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Is Yoga the Future of Healthcare?

Healthcare is in a crisis in the United States. Even with the Affordable Care Act, too many people are underinsured or without insurance. For many patients, high deductibles and copayments, make access to healthcare providers limited to annual visits or … Continue reading

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Evolution 10th Anniversary

Art Hop this year marks the 10th Anniversary of Evolution Physical Therapy. Join us for celebrations throughout the year. We will kick off our 10th Anniversary year of celebration with a great party at Art Hop, Friday, September 9. And … Continue reading

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Ask the PT: Finding Strength and Flexibility in the Hips

For active and sedentary people alike, yoga is a practice many people come to in order to stretch “tight hips” in an effort to become more flexible. Many teachers and students, myself included, have at one time or another made … Continue reading

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Ask the PT: Use the Yoga Wall to Release Your Low Back

We spend 16 of the 24 hours each day (or more!)  on our feet- walking, running, standing, bending! All this work and play can eventually lead to increased wear and tear on our spine. While wear and tear (also known … Continue reading

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