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Practices for Living From Your Home

Practices for Living From Your Home by Meagen Satinsky MPT, PYT The world around us is changing in unprecedented ways. One change that many of us share is learning what it’s like to actually live from home or wherever we … Continue reading

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New Online Yoga Classes and Physical Therapy Visits

Dear Friends of Evolution, Due to the need for social distancing and to prevent the spread of COVID 19, we have closed our onsite yoga classes and onsite physical therapy.  We have now taken both of our practices fully online. … Continue reading

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Yoga and Bone Health

Did you know that the bones of our skeleton are a living tissue? There are over two hundred individual bones in our body. Bones support our weight and in combination with muscles, ligaments, and tendons allow for complex movements. They … Continue reading

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Anatomy of Breathing

Anatomy of breathing By Rachel de Simone, PT, DPT Breathing is typically an automatic process that happens without thought or conscious control. However, the breath is the only autonomic process you can choose to control through voluntary action. By changing … Continue reading

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Explore the Science of Yoga in 2020

As we enter 2020, a new year and new decade it seems appropriate to dig deeper into the science behind the ancient practices of yoga.  The foundations of our teachings here at Evolution are rooted in the idea that yoga … Continue reading

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