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Looking for a routine way to reduce stress in your life?  Download our Summer 2021 schedule here.  The Summer schedule ends Oct 3 and the Fall schedule begins Oct 4. Get a sneak preview of our Fall Schedule here

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From the Evoblog

21-Day Meditation Challenge – Day 17: Distractions

Today’s meditation is inspired by distractions. Deciding to meditate in my infrequently empty home, I usually find my cat and dog uncommonly interested in being on my lap, walking around me, staring at me and playfully nudging me. How does … Continue reading

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21-Day Meditation Challenge – Day 16: Do The Stop

This is being meditation, not doing meditation. This is sacrificing partiality for wholeness. This is relinquishing duality to oneness.  And there’s only one thing to do. Stop. Whatever you’re doing, stop it. Do it quickly, suddenly, with determination. The voice … Continue reading

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21-Day Meditation Challenge – Day 15: Pause with Loving Kindness

Pause  3 times daily  and deepen your self-kindness. Its simple…here’s how. 1.   Briefly scan your physical body.  Notice where there is ease, discomfort or little sensation.  No need to evaluate or describe to yourself, just notice. Respond heart-fully with: ”Yes, … Continue reading

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21-Day Meditation Challenge – Day 14: So Hum Mantra

A mantra is a word or short phrase that is repeated silently to yourself.  It comes from Sanskrit and can be translated as an “instrument of thought”.  Mantras can be a great way to help keep your mind focused during … Continue reading

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21-Day Meditation Challenge – Day 13: Sitting Meditation: Study the Pose

Does the actual sitting part of “sitting down to meditate” feel weird, challenging, a little bit (or even a lot) uncomfortable? Awesome! You’ve got something to meditate on. Instead of trying to tune out the body and focus on breath, … Continue reading

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