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21-Day Meditation Challenge – Day Two: Just Breathe

It sounds easy doesn’t it? This is probably one of the most basic instructions for meditation, yet also very challenging. You see, it’s very difficult to observe yourself, sitting quietly, and just breathing. Our tendency is to change the breath … Continue reading

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21-Day Meditation Challenge – Day One: Getting Comfortable

Happy New Year and welcome to Day One of Evolution PT and Yoga’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge. Congratulations on taking your first step to starting a daily meditation practice. If you haven’t yet read our introduction to the challenge, check out … Continue reading

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Ask the PT: Finding Your Meditation Seat (Or Not)

As we focus this month on meditation our minds may drift to a calming visual: Seated cross legged, hands gently resting in lap, straight back, closed eyes, and a peaceful expression. For many of us, though, this seated position is … Continue reading

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21-Day Meditation Challenge: Don’t just do something – sit there!

Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There! I love this twist on the old saying, and it seems I’m in good company. Open a magazine, turn on the news, or scroll through your Facebook news feed and it won’t take long … Continue reading

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Celebrate with Evolution: Here’s Our Holiday Yoga Schedule

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