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How old is Yoga? Explore the Foundations of Hatha Yoga with Brian and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika

We all know that yoga is an ancient practice, but what exactly does ‘ancient’ mean? How old is yoga? Why do we still practice it and how does the practice today differ from the original? Researchers and historians trace the … Continue reading

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Yoga Wall II: Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Ever attend a yoga class and wonder how other people got to be so bendy? Of course you are not supposed to look around in yoga class; you should stay centered and present in your own practice. But sometimes it’s … Continue reading

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Yoga, Tantra, dancing, and the Solstice

Anybody who has been to one of John McConnell‘s yoga classes anytime in the last couple years can tell you the guy is totally gaga about the Radiance Sutras. The Radiance Sutras are Lorin Roche’s modern interpretation of the Vijñāna … Continue reading

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Bowling Balls, Tech Neck, and Your Upper Back

According to Harvard Medical School, seven out of ten people in the US struggle with upper back and neck pain. At that rate, it’s not crazy to imagine that you might just be one of the seven. You can find … Continue reading

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Evolution Yoga: Yoga Pick-Me-Up

This one is for you desk jockeys out there. Whether you work from home or in an office, you probably spend way too many hours in front of a computer. Taking a quick break to rest your mind and stretch … Continue reading

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