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Yoga, Tantra, dancing, and the Solstice

Anybody who has been to one of John McConnell‘s yoga classes anytime in the last couple years can tell you the guy is totally gaga about the Radiance Sutras. The Radiance Sutras are Lorin Roche’s modern interpretation of the Vijñāna … Continue reading

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Bowling Balls, Tech Neck, and Your Upper Back

According to Harvard Medical School, seven out of ten people in the US struggle with upper back and neck pain. At that rate, it’s not crazy to imagine that you might just be one of the seven. You can find … Continue reading

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Evolution Yoga: Yoga Pick-Me-Up

This one is for you desk jockeys out there. Whether you work from home or in an office, you probably spend way too many hours in front of a computer. Taking a quick break to rest your mind and stretch … Continue reading

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Thank you: 21 Days of Gratitude

We are very grateful. At the beginning of November we created a shared online gratitude journal—such a great use of Facebook! In this open event, 21 Days of Gratitude, one hundred people shared their daily gratitudes. Some shared little things … Continue reading

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Yoga Twists, Myth, and Your Body

Any fanatical yogi will tell you that twists are among the most delicious, juicy, wonderful and sublime poses of a yoga practice. Newbies are not always so taken with the Twist. But come on, baby, let’s do the twist! Twists … Continue reading

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