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Have you tried the Yoga Wall yet?

Deepen your yoga practice has many meanings. When it comes to the Yoga Wall deepening your practice refers to deeper poses, to be sure, but the greater depth is achieved through decompressing the spine and expanding the breath. Imagine the … Continue reading

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Chakra Yoga: pathway to a little more self-awareness

Chakras are energy centers within the body (along the spine and in the head), that correspond with the body’s meridians as recognized in traditional Chinese medicine. The Yogic Chakra system is a thousand-year-old system of understanding and influencing the health … Continue reading

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5 Myths about the Pelvic Floor

There are all kinds of taboos and myths about “down there.” Let’s dispel a few of them right now. In this post our PT, Meagen Satinsky sheds some light on five myths about the Pelvic Floor. This Saturday she is … Continue reading

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Oh My Aching Wrists: Preventing Wrist Pain During Asana Practice

As new yoga students we often see yoga as a purely physical practice.  We jump from beginning classes to more advanced asana practices without laying the groundwork for our minds and bodies. This is understandable: asana is fun! But too … Continue reading

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Hand and Wrist Pain can be a Pain in the Neck (and Shoulders)

Remember when you were a kid playing the game of making grotesque faces? As you stuck out your lips in an exaggerated way or made a pig nose with your thumbs in your nostrils, some well-meaning adult would say, “Stop … Continue reading

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