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Join us for Art Hop; Save $20 on 10-Class Cards; Yoga Workshops and Series start Next Week.

Art Hop at Evolution – Save $20 on 10-Class Passes   Come to Evolution Friday night, September 11! Join us as we celebrate Our Ninth Birthday. Stop by the Studio for an art exhibit ion and sale featuring local artwork … Continue reading

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Evolution Yoga News for September

SEPTEMBER – Transition Art Hop imagine: One Flight by Bonnie Acker   It is the end of summer; the beginning of the school year. Many of us, even those without kids or a curriculum, entertain the notion that we must … Continue reading

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Meet our Featured Teacher, Michelle Downing DPT, CFMT, RYT

Michelle Downing is a doctor of physical therapy (DPT), a Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT), and a registered yoga teacher (RYT). DPT, CFMT, RYT – that is a lot of letters to describe someone who wasn’t always so fascinated with … Continue reading

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The Camel that Broke the Yogi’s Back

We all know the word invincible. Super heroes, first responders, and people like Bonnie Acker are invincible. I used to be one of those amazing invincible beings until just the other day when I discovered the word vincible (it is … Continue reading

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Happiness in 21-Day or Less; Satisfaction Guaranteed

Join our 21-Day Happiness Challenge! Enjoy the simple, mindful, dare we say fun, practice of happiness in the company and support of friends and community. Here on Facebook we will share insights, experiences, and inspiration. For the next 21 days … Continue reading

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