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Top Ten Reasons You Need More Yoga in Your Life – Right Now.

Yoga is good for you. Even the surgeon general has come around to understanding this. In fact our new Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has a daily yoga practice (even ABC News thinks he’s wicked smart* and he does yoga every … Continue reading

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Oh No! Finding Spring Within

It’s April Fools Day…a week late. Two and three inches of snow cover the ground in many parts of Vermont. Today is April 9th; there should be daffodils! Step outside for a minute and you can almost hear the grumbling … Continue reading

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Managing Back and Hip Pain During Pregnancy with Alison Aiken PT, DPT

Pregnant? Feeling back pain? Are your hips  bothering you? Are you experiencing trouble getting in and out of bed or the car? Suffering from SI joint symptoms? You are not alone! Have we got a workshop for you! Alison Aiken, … Continue reading

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Yoga for Hipsters

Yoga has always been the exclusive purview of the subcultures of the Zeitgeist. Practiced by the misfits and the esoteric, yoga has traditionally been what some people call “really out there.” In this deeply centering class we’ll explore the inner … Continue reading

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Ask the PT: Releasing the Thoracic Upper Back

Have you ever noticed someone’s posture with a “hump” in the upper back and thought to yourself ‘I hope that never happens to me!’ Do you ever find yourself sitting or standing with your own spine slumped and shoulders rounded … Continue reading

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