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The Shape of Things to Come: Text Neck and Yoga Therapeutics

Did you happen the see the cover of the New Yorker the last week of February? It features the caricature of a tall guy in a jaunty pork-pie hat slouching his long upper torso over his smartphone. The curve in … Continue reading

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Yoga Revolution at Evolution!

The revolution will take place in two halves of one great yoga studio: starting June 1st, we are becoming Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga and the Evolution Prenatal & Family Yoga Center! Both at our current location at 20 Kilburn … Continue reading

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Have You Over Done it? It’s time for Yoga Therapeutics for your Back

Gardening, yard work, biking, running, and even walking are activities we are eager to jump right into each spring. But the bright sun and long days often trick us into doing our preferred activity for much too long! We often … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons You Need More Yoga in Your Life – Right Now.

Yoga is good for you. Even the surgeon general has come around to understanding this. In fact our new Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has a daily yoga practice (even ABC News thinks he’s wicked smart* and he does yoga every … Continue reading

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Oh No! Finding Spring Within

It’s April Fools Day…a week late. Two and three inches of snow cover the ground in many parts of Vermont. Today is April 9th; there should be daffodils! Step outside for a minute and you can almost hear the grumbling … Continue reading

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