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21-Day Meditation Challenge: Day Three – Focus and Relax

Take a comfortable seated position on a bolster or pillow with a blanket or some padding under your knees. Straighten up the spine, then settle into the body. Begin to be aware of the breathe. Make sure the breathe comes … Continue reading

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21-Day Meditation Challenge: Day Two – Meditation anytime or place

Meditation is something that is often depicted as happening someplace serene or even far away from your “normal” life and routine. While this may make the practice more appealing, the truth is that meditation is possible almost anywhere. All that’s … Continue reading

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21-Day Meditation Challenge: Day One Finding your Seat

Happy New Year and welcome to Day One of Evolution PT and Yoga’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge. Congratulations on taking your first step to starting a daily meditation practice. If you haven’t yet read our introduction to the challenge, check out … Continue reading

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Establish a home yoga practice this year!

Establishing a home yoga practice can be challenging. The calm feeling you get when you enter a spacious, warm and uncluttered yoga studio space can be impossible to replicate at home. Distractions abound! Even finding enough space to put down … Continue reading

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More Yoga Therapeutics in 2015!

When the idea of Evolution PT and Yoga was being hatched back in 2005, providing therapeutic yoga was a fundamental idea key to the development of the studio. Although we have continuously offered therapeutic yoga classes and workshops, as we … Continue reading

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