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Yoga and The Fountain of Youth

Ever look around to see that you are the youngest person in the room? Ever look around and see the opposite? Having recently turned 50, I get both perspectives. My dearest friend is 68; my best yoga buddy is 35. … Continue reading

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Ask the PT: Yoga Break

Spending too much time at your desk? Tension in the neck and shoulders seems to be just a fact of life. Throw in a headache and some eye strain and it makes the best of us want to hurl our … Continue reading

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Can someone with scoliosis do yoga?

Having a back problem of any kind can cause questions to arise about the safety of practicing yoga, or any other exercise. If you have a scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, and have tried yoga before, you might not … Continue reading

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Training your Brain to Sleep with Yoga Nidra

Sleep, elusive sleep. For some, the challenge is turning off the brain to get to a full night of rest.  For others, getting to sleep is not the issue. If you wake up after a few hours of going to … Continue reading

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Gratitude for Changing Seasons, Turning Inward, and Endless Summer

Fall is the season of going inward. The plants do it. The sun seems to do it (at least in Vermont, it does). The kids are back in the classroom. Mice are trying to get back into the house. And … Continue reading

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