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Ask the PT: Postpartum Posture

In the past year since Gunnar was born I’ve experienced first hand how posture changes with parenthood.  Previously I’d seen other parents holding and feeding their babies.  I’ve educated moms and dads about their posture and body mechanics in response … Continue reading

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Yoga For Your Face

We all know that yoga is great for your body and mind. It is also amazing for your face! Join us for our new 6-week series: Yoga for Your Face and find out firsthand just how amazing yoga can be … Continue reading

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What a Yogi “Should” or “Shouldn’t” Eat

Food can be a controversial topic for yogis. For some, even honey is controversial. Keeping bees violates the bees’ rights to be free of human exploitation, therefore Vegan’s do not eat honey. Ayurveda considers the live cultures in whole-milk dairy … Continue reading

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Yoga, Sex and New Year’s Resolutions

It’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day occurs during the sixth week of New-Year’s-Resolution-Diet Season. Most of us have fallen off our well-intentioned dietary or behavioral interventions and it is still the dark of winter! Our hearts (and egos) need a … Continue reading

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