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Printable Yoga Schedule

Looking for a routine way to reduce stress in your life?  Download our Summer 2021 schedule here.  The Summer schedule ends Oct 3 and the Fall schedule begins Oct 4. Get a sneak preview of our Fall Schedule here

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Looking for Evolution Prenatal & Family Yoga Center? They are now Grow and located on Pine St. Click the logo below for more info.

From the Evoblog

Belly Bowls for Mother’s Day

In my clay studio in Ferrisburgh, I create belly bowls for pregnant women, as commemorative, functional pieces. Using the pregnant belly as a mold, a slab or thin sheet of clay is stretched over a pregnant belly to create an … Continue reading

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Letting Go and Finding Perfection in the Posture

Remember the Sting song “If you Love Somebody, Set Them Free”? As it turns out this is a pretty good yoga cue; one that I have been trying to take for several years now. I might be getting closer. In … Continue reading

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Did you hear that winter’s over?

There is nothing like a little Rumi to get you in the mood for the promise of Spring. (If you are uncomfortable with the use of the name Jesus in this poem, try using a different word or phrase such … Continue reading

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Ask the PT: Postpartum Posture

In the past year since Gunnar was born I’ve experienced first hand how posture changes with parenthood.  Previously I’d seen other parents holding and feeding their babies.  I’ve educated moms and dads about their posture and body mechanics in response … Continue reading

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Yoga For Your Face

We all know that yoga is great for your body and mind. It is also amazing for your face! Join us for our new 6-week series: Yoga for Your Face and find out firsthand just how amazing yoga can be … Continue reading

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