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Ask the PT: Heart Opening Yoga Sequence

Heart openers are the perfect yoga postures for the month of February. They offer benefits that are both physical and psychological. The benefits for the body include: strengthen the upper back improved posture increase lung capacity of the lungs relieves … Continue reading

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8 Reasons Yoga is Great for Boys

Our new all-boys yoga class, YoBoys (ages 6-10) with Nikhil, starts this Sunday, 2:30-3:30. The class will cultivate fitness, fun, and focus during this important time of development for elementary-aged boys. Here are 8 reasons why it is the perfect … Continue reading

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Yoga for Boys – Is Your Son Ready for It?

Real men do yoga. So do real boys. I can almost hear Pinocchio say it, “I’m a real boy!” But seriously, beyond the heart-pumping fun of the physical practice, yoga has some fabulous side effects that will make your son’s … Continue reading

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Yoga Therapy: What it is and why you need it

Yoga Therapy sounds like something you might do on a couch. In truth it is much less expensive and potentially more enlightening. I had to try it myself. Here’s why: The other day in yoga class, I got to practice … Continue reading

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Ready for Relief? Gentle Yoga For Arthritis 6-week Series starts January 15

Yoga Therapeutics has received a lot of attention as a wonderful way to exercise as it promotes strengthening, flexibility, and balance. For people who suffer from arthritis, though, the images of people folding themselves into shapes like pretzels or standing … Continue reading

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