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February Self Care: Foot Massage with Warm Oil Before Bed – Padabhyanga

In Ayurvedic medicine, abhyanga is the practice of massage with warm oil. Full-body self massage is incredibly nurturing, but with our hectic schedules, can be hard to fit in. When starting a self-care routine sometimes it’s best to start with … Continue reading

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Yoga Therapy for Your Back – Winter Edition

Digging out from that winter storm may have caused your back to be cranky.  Here are some of our favorite tricks for releasing strain and tension to keep your back healthy. Find a quiet spot, clear away the clutter and … Continue reading

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The Healing Practice of Self-Care: A 12-Month Journey

As we embark on a new year where goals and resolutions are set with earnest determination, yet often quickly forgotten, I challenge you to take a different approach.  Perhaps a simpler strategy of making one change per month will give … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Card Sale – Save 15%

Give the Gift of Yoga this Holiday Season and Save 15%! You have experienced the benefits of yoga. Whether it’s the balancing nature of the physical practices or the grounding energy of meditation and pranayama, yoga can be transformative. Help … Continue reading

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Restorative Yoga for Holiday Stress

​As we enter the holiday season and prepare to wrap up 2018, time and energy may feel like something that will have to take a back seat to other life demands. Enter the practice of restorative yoga, adaptable to all … Continue reading

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