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Information for New Physical Therapy Clients

Thank you for choosing Evolution for your physical therapy services. We offer in-person and telehealth treatment of back pain, pelvic pain, women’s health issues, neck pain, muscle imbalances, and joint injuries of all body parts. Our licensed physical therapists Dr. Janet Carscadden, Dr. Rachel de Simone, Dr. Michelle DowningMeagen Satinsky MPT, and Dr. Patsy Tyler are committed to providing evidence-based evaluation and treatment techniques. All of our physical therapists are also certified yoga instructors or yoga therapists and can build custom yoga programs to meet your recovery goals.  We are open Monday to Friday with early and late appointments.

Pandemic Precautions

Masks are still required when visiting the office.  Social distancing is maintained when close contact is not needed. Our treatment rooms are sanitized between clients and we are using HEPA filters to purify the air and increase air circulation. Treatment sessions are individualized for each client based on diagnosis and recovery goals.

Here’s what our patients are saying about our physical therapy sessions:

Michelle at Evolution has treated me for two different injuries and in both cases I left her care far better than I came. Although one never hopes to be injured again, if I was I would go back to her in a heartbeat. I really value her integrative body-mind wisdom, deep physiological knowledge, and practical, functional approach. And everyone else at Evolution that I’ve interacted with has been great too! – SW 2021

Janet is a gifted healer. I had a particularly tricky injury that felt pretty incapacitating. Janet’s diagnosis was on the money; she navigated me gradually and expertly through weeks of flare-ups caused by inflammation. She never gave up, allowing my body to rest and heal, patiently adding exercises as my pain decreased. Today my functioning is nearly normal. You will appreciate Janet’s clear explanations and compassionate, careful listening. I would recommend her to anyone. – KN 2020

I began telehealth PT a month ago in the midst of Covid-19 office visit limitations. I had considerable shoulder pain and restricted range of motion that severely impacted my activity. Within one month, my level of pain has dramatically decreased and my activity level is almost back to normal. I think telehealth is an excellent means of doing physical therapy.  I was so incredibly surprised how well this platform of health care delivery worked for me!

Thank you, Evolution Physical Therapy & Yoga! – NS, 2020

Conditions Treated
Evolution Physical Therapy offers evaluation and treatment for orthopedic injuries including but not limited to:

  • Low back pain, including disc injuries
  • Pelvic instability
  • Neck pain and headaches
  • Muscle and joint injuries of hips, shoulders, Jaw, elbows, knees, ankles & feet
  • Pelvic floor therapy including internal evaluations for urinary stress and urge incontinence, dyspareunia (pain with sexual intercourse), pudendal neuralgia, other pelvic pain
  • Post-partum related back pain, incontinence, cesarian birth, diastasis recti
  • Treatment of running injuries
  • Pain after abdominal surgery
  • Rehabilitation after surgery
  • Custom yoga programs to reduce pain, stress, improve function and well being
Call to Make and Apppointment
Scheduling: You can speak with our scheduler Mon – Friday 8am – 5:30 pm at: 802-864-9642. If you have Medicare or Medicaid please be sure you have a referral prior to coming to your first visit.
Insurance Coverage
We directly bill most insurance companies including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, MVP, Medicare, UVM and Champlain College Student Insurance, Medicaid, Green Mountain Care, Motor Vehicle and Worker’s Compensation (including the Department of Labor).

Referrals from your primary care provider or specialist are required for Medicaid and Medicare. Out of state insurance carriers may require a referral or prior authorization. Please contact your insurance company prior to your first visit to ensure you understand their requirements.

We are out of network providers for United Healthcare, Aetna, and all other insurance companies not listed above. If you have out of network coverage we can direct bill your insurance company, although we cannot bill TriCare. We also take cash payments. Please call us at 802-864-9642 if you have any questions about coverage.

What to expect with a telehealth visit?

What to expect with a telehealth visit

With video conferencing, we are able to see you in real-time, take a thorough history, assess range of motion, strength, movement disorders, gait, and evaluation of functional performance. Treatment may include instruction in pain management strategies, activity modification,  posture correction, instruction in a home exercise program including yoga, stretching, strengthening, breathing exercises, balance, and functional exercise. If you are working from home, we assess and provide feedback on your home office set-up. Please reach contact if you have questions about whether your condition can be treated via a telehealth visit.

What do I need for a telehealth visit?

You will need a computer, laptop, or other internet enabled device with a webcam and microphone. Plan on wearing comfortable clothes and try to find a relatively quite, low distraction space where you can move freely.

First, we will need to gather information about your diagnosis and insurance information for billing.  Our scheduler will call you to gather insurance information and will confirm if we have your referral (only needed for Medicaid and Medicare). They will email you an invite to our online patient portal and a link to the telehealth waiting room.

Referrals, notes, or diagnostic reports from other providers that may be helpful to your physical therapist. Please have them fax these reports to 802-864-9643. Wear loose comfortable clothing such as shorts for back or lower extremity injuries or a tank top for neck and shoulder injuries.

Privacy Practices
Notice of Privacy Practices

This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.

Please click here to view. Please review carefully.