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Posted by on Sep 8, 2018

Roll and Release

Roll and Release

We all love to receive massage and bodywork but it is not always possible, for so many reasons. We can provide our bodies, and ultimately our minds, self massage and release whenever we want! Who better to know your ”spots” than your own self. During this workshop we will learn a bit of the science behind the art of Roll and Release. We will incorporate the use of Foam Rollers and Therapy Balls into the class and you will be able to take with you some great “pearls” allowing an easier follow through at home. Areas of concentration will be the hips and shoulders and neck and upper back. Bring your inquisitive minds and playful selves to 90 minutes of unwind.

Thursday, October 24
5:45-7:15 pm
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Acclaimed physical therapist, yogi, and beloved teacher, Harvey Deutch, P.T. has been merging the art and science of yoga and physical therapy for over 35 years, exploring and perfecting the nuances of each. His laser-sharp precision and keen eye for working with the physical form join his innate ability to understand and finesse the energetic body.