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  • Yoga Fundamentals
    Jan 23

    Yoga Fundamentals

    We are all beginners. This is your invitation to enjoy learning the basics and start exploring the benefits of a yoga practice. Coming to the mat is a great way to calm...

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  • Restorative Yoga to Support Your Sleep
    Jan 24

    Restorative Yoga to Support Your Sleep

    Restful sleep is key to well-being and resilience. Yet for many of us sleep can be elusive. This Restorative Yoga workshop will give you the nourishing experience of...

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  • Strong Bones, Balanced Body
    Feb 3

    Strong Bones, Balanced Body

    Strong Bones, Balanced Body classes combine yoga postures and light strength training to build bone density and improve balance. This type of resistance work, along...

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  • Valentine’s Day Partner Yoga
    Feb 14

    Valentine’s Day Partner Yoga

    Bring a special someone for a fun session of stretching in pairs. Little or no yoga experience? No worries. Beginners and advanced yogis alike will learn to interact...

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  • Deep Winter Yin
    Feb 15

    Deep Winter Yin

    Explore your inner landscape with winter yin yoga sessions. These two-hour classes will offer students time to practice being the witness to their experience through a...

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  • Restorative Yoga: Love Your Heart
    Feb 21

    Restorative Yoga: Love Your Heart

    Join Martha for a rejuvenating practice of restorative yoga especially designed to gently open your heart center. Allow your whole-heart to be loved with opening poses...

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  • The Anatomy of the Breath
    Feb 22

    The Anatomy of the Breath

    Breathing is typically an automatic process that happens without thought or conscious control. However, the breath is the only autonomic process you can choose to...

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  • Yoga Nidra
    Feb 25

    Yoga Nidra

    Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation while maintaining awareness. It is the ancient practice of yogic sleep...

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  • Hot Stone Restorative w/Aromatherapy
    Feb 29

    Hot Stone Restorative w/Aromatherapy

    re·stor·a·tive: having the power to restore: a restorative tonic. A medicine or other agent that helps to restore health, strength, or consciousness. Restorative yoga...

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  • Yoga for People with Parkinson’s & Caregivers
    Mar 10

    Yoga for People with Parkinson’s & Caregivers

    Yoga for People with Parkinson’s & Caregivers uses seated, standing and supine yoga postures to improve mobility and balance. Yoga classes will incorporate...

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