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Yoga for Life Program

Fall 2019 Yoga for Life Module begins in September!

Take your yoga practice to the next level with Evolution’s Yoga for Life program. Explore the depth of yogic techniques that can transform how you experience the world. Wondering what that means? Here are some words from a past program participant:

“Yoga for Life has greatly deepened my understanding of the principles and philosophy that are integral to the asana practice so many of us know and love. Brian and Rachel are true teachers, creating a safe space for spiritual exploration and discovery. Joining other curious and seeking individuals, while learning together and from each other is part of what makes the program so rich. Yoga for Life has truly helped me develop and integrate a personal practice, self-awareness and greater skills into my everyday life, particularly in how I handle life’s more difficult and challenging events. Thank you for this life-nourishing program.”

With guidance from our Yoga for Life Faculty (Brian Tobin – a mental health counselor and experienced classical hatha yogi and Dr. Rachel de Simone – a physical therapist and experienced yoga instructor with expertise in sequencing, anatomy, and physiology) you will learn how to build a well-rounded yoga practice. Study with a community of yogis while increasing your understanding of postures, breathing techniques, meditation practices, and yoga philosophy. We designed this program to aid students in accessing a deeper understanding and connection to Self, while building a community that is strongly rooted in compassion, with a format that allows for flexibility in meeting individual participants’ needs:

  • Four-month program format for each module
  • Modules run Fall (Sept 1- Dec 31) and Winter (Jan 1 – April 30) months
  • Unlimited drop-in classes per module (good for 4 months from start date of module, or from date of registration if after start date)
  • 8 Saturday workshops 5:30-7:30 pm
  • Individual and group mentorship
  • Study group options

Yoga for life participants receive the following unlimited member perks:

  • Free mat storage
  • 10% off Evolution Adult Yoga Workshops and Series
  • Free access to special drop-in priced workshops



Brian Tobin MS, E-RYT 500, YACEP          Rachel de Simone DPT,  YT 200,  


Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits – The Yoga for Life Program offers up to 30 CE credits for direct contact hours and 20 CE credits for non-contact hours per module for Registered Yoga Teachers who complete each module.  Please note that his program is open to yoga students of all levels with a goal of deepening their practice, and is not a Yoga Teacher Training program. Yoga for Life will help teachers and students refine their skills and expand their knowledge base of yoga practices.

VSAC:  Yoga Instructors may qualify for VSAC nondegree grants for the Yoga For Life Program.


$549 per semester if paid in full at time of registration or
$145 per month if paid via a monthly electronic funds transfer(EFT) payment contract (four payments of $145 billed to your debit or credit card once per month.) Total cost for monthly payment option is $580. 

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Saturday Workshop Outline and Schedule

The Yoga for Life Program contains eight Saturday workshops from 5:30-7:30pm led by Yoga for Life Faculty. The content of each workshop will be tailored to the learning interests of the group. Each workshop will focus on deepening participants understanding of yoga through experiential learning.  Workshop structure is as follows:

Group Discussion of Readings

Meditation Practice

Asana Practice

Mantra Practice

Reflection Exercises

Group Process

Relaxation Practices


Fall 2019 Workshop Dates (Saturdays 5:30-7:30 pm): 

September 14 & 21

October 12, 19 & 26

November 9 & 16

December 14

Module Themes

Fall 2019 Contentment, Joy, and Happiness: In this module, we will be focusing on meditation practices and daily practices to cultivate awareness, joy, and contentment in daily life. We will be teaching meditation and mindfulness as the means to be radically aware and accepting of our moment-to-moment experiences. We will focus on what it means to cultivate real happiness versus striving just to have pleasant experiences. We will develop students daily attunement to their experiences and reactions to those experiences.

  • Daily gratitude practices
  • Noticing triggers and reactivity
  • Journaling and observing the causes for missing practice and/or losing presence– Optimizing Practice
  • Mindful Eating
  • Mindful Relationship/ Conversation

Required Texts:

  • The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt
  • Real Happiness by Sharon Salzberg


Past Modules:

Winter 2019: Meditation – the Path Towards Harmony: In this module we will emphasize the practice of meditation as a pathway towards harmony. Through meditation, we have the opportunity to observe our edges and begin to soften in the places where we habitually close down. By observing our fluctuating minds, we can move towards stillness and closer to our peaceful, compassionate, true nature. Join us as we use various meditation techniques to observe and clarify our relationship with ourselves and others, and the different roles we fill in our lives.

Fall 2018: Yoga for the Benefit of All Beings – learn how to live your authentic yoga practice by taking yoga off the mat. In this module, students will be supported to develop a daily home practice through workshops that provide experiential yoga, meditation, and pranayama practices. The goal of this module is to create a participatory experience where students integrate the principles of yoga into their daily lives.

Winter 2018: Diving Deeper – breaking down the individual practices, to improve your understanding of yoga techniques and explore the effects on the body and mind.  In this module, you will explore how to build a custom practice to deepen your experience of yoga.

Fall 2017: New Horizons – exploring the full practice of yoga – This module will focus on understanding the evolution of yoga, yoga philosophy and the breadth of practices that are contained in the path of yoga.  Work on developing a well-rounded home practice.  In this module, students will be supported to develop a daily home practice through workshops that provide experiential yoga, meditation, and pranayama practices. The goal of this module is to create a participatory experience where students integrate the principles of yoga into their daily lives.

Attendance Policy

The Yoga for Life Program is designed to enhance participants’ ability to integrate yoga practices into their lives.  In order to experience the changes that yoga can bring to practitioners lives, full participation in the program is recommended. Attending two or more drop in classes per week, establishing a daily sadhana (practice), and attending as many workshops as possible, will provide the fullest experience for participants. Yoga for Life Program participants are expected to arrive at classes and workshops on time and participate in sessions in a manner that creates a positive learning environment. Evolution PT and Yoga staff reserve the right to ask a participant to leave the program, if their behavior is disruptive, or interferes with the learning of the other participants.

Payment Options and Scholarship

Tuition per Yoga for Life Module is $549 when paid in full at time of registration, or $580 if paid via our monthly EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) contract. If you choose to purchase the monthly EFT option, you agree to have four monthly payments in the amount of $145.00 electronically debited from your credit or debit card account, with the first payment charged at the time of registration, and recurring payments made on the first day of each month thereafter until all four payments have been made.

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There are two scholarship positions available for the Yoga for Life Program. Please e-mail for our scholarship application

Cancellation Policy

The Yoga for Life Training Program includes a non-refundable $50 registration fee. A full refund, minus the registration fee, will be given for cancellations given at least two (2) weeks prior to the program start date. No refunds nor changes to the Monthly EFT agreement shall be made when cancellation is made with less than two (2) weeks notice before the program start date. Requests to cancel must be made in writing by emailing