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Posted by on Sep 8, 2018

Yoga Wall: Neck, Upper Back & Shoulders

Yoga Wall: Neck, Upper Back & Shoulders

We have all heard the idea that everything in our body is connected but the fact is–it really is. This is accomplished through a concept of Biotensegrity and all that means is that we are a web of tissue that holds up our bones. Class will concentrate on Neck, Upper Back and Shoulders separately and as they relate to each other. Having a better understanding of this interrelationship of tissues can help you access them more easily and begin to create new movement and postural patterns.

No prior experience with the yoga wall is necessary but is advised. Bring your inquisitive minds, senses of humor, and we will work towards unwinding your neck and upper back, and opening the shoulder girdle complex.

Friday, October 25, 5:45-7 pm
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Please preregister, limit of 12 students.

Acclaimed physical therapist, yogi, and beloved teacher, Harvey Deutch, P.T. has been merging the art and science of yoga and physical therapy for over 35 years, exploring and perfecting the nuances of each. His laser-sharp precision and keen eye for working with the physical form join his innate ability to understand and finesse the energetic body.